What was old is new again!

I thought I’d take some time tonight to briefly write about what I will always remember as the great gun migration of 2017. 

When I decided to tackle this blog I set out to sell most if not all of my inventory of tactical and long range guns in order to buy more traditional, classic bespoke rifles and shotguns. I was very fortunate that the current trend is to do the exact opposite of what I was planning, this enabled me to sell high and buy low.

I listed all of my guns on a well known Canadian firearm website, Canadian Gun Nutz, and after a few weeks of searching and making deals literally from coast to coast I came away with what I feel is a very nice collection of what I consider to be classic hunters or bespoke guns.

The plan is to review each gun individually after I’ve taken them out hunting.  I don’t feel that it would do any good to comment on a gun before seeing how it handles in the real world. But if you’re following this and want to do some research on your own before I post my reviews, personal experiences and pictures here is the list of firearms that I will be covering over the coming months.

1. Savage 99 chambered in 300 Savage – acquired from Quebec

2. Mannlicher-Schonauer chambered in 6.5x54MS – acquired from Alberta

3. Remington Model 14 chambered in 35 Remington – acquired from Ontario

4. Savage Model 63 chambered in 22 wmr – acquired from British Colombia

5. Ithaca Model 700 over/under 12 gauge shotgun – acquired from Nova Scotia

6. Cooey Model 84 single shot 16 gauge shotgun – acquired from Nova Scotia

7. Suhl side/side 12 gauge shotgun – acquired from Ontario

8. Stevens Model 311 side/side 410 gauge shotgun – acquired from Saskatchewan

9. Arms Sport Italian made – acquired from Nova Scotia 

10. Ted Williams/Sears semi-auto 20 gauge shotgun – acquired from Nova Scotia

If after testing I find that I’m not a fan of the fit, function or performance than I will attempt to sell or trade it for another classic firearm that I have set my sights on. 

I should point out I have no official qualifications that would lend any sort of credibility to my review and judgement of these firearms other than this. For years I’ve bought and traded guns on the wildest whim. I’ve been told (on numerous occasions) I change guns more frequently than some people change there underwear. Now while that is a disturbing thought, it has been incredibly fun. It has also allowed me me to get a real appreciation for all flavour of firearms, shooting and hunting, from black powder flintlocks to 338 Lapua magnum precision long range rifles and every manner of scatter gun too.

To close tonight I can’t say enough about how excited I am by this project. It has really given me a sense of purpose and direction that I’ve been lacking in regards to my firearm collection and hunting. I get to reminisce about past hunts, trial new and old techniques, use new and unique equipment, and, share that journey by putting it down in writing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am. 

More to follow soon, I hope to get out this Sunday afternoon and put one of the shotguns and one of the rifles through some use.

All the best,


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