Two barrels and some Burberry

Another Sunday on the books and another broke bespoke hunting trip that was successfully accomplished.

The outfit I chose to go out in this week was one-hundred percent chosen by yours truly. I was feeling a fair amount of pressure to step up my choice in clothes as I had recieved a few comments from friends and family that my last outfit bordered on being hipster just as much as it did broke bespoke. So I pulled out all the stops and I think the end result landed pretty solidly in the broke bespoke camp this time.

The outfit is composed of:

Vintage fedora style hat – previously owned ($20 value village)

Vintage Burberry jacket – previously owned ($40 antique shop)

Olive green flannel shirt – new to me ($10 Goodwill)

Grey pants – previously owned (Winners $30)

Combat boots – previously owned ($40 ish from an army surplus store)

Dress belt – previously owned (Winners $25)

So the grand total for me to put this outfit together outfit was a ten dollar shirt from the Goodwill store. If you were looking to put it all together from scratch you’d be in the $165 dollar range. Not to shabby to not look shabby.

The Burberry jacket was picked up in a Vintage/Antique store in Victoria, BC a few years back and never saw the light of day other than maybe one dinner party. A quick search of the internet will show you a new Burberry blazer/sport coat is going to set you back $1000-$1700 and used or online around $150. Needless to say I consider this to be the broke bespoke bargain of all time, at least for now.

Out in the field the combination performed very well. It was a blustery day with winds in the 15km/hr range gusting to 30km/hr and around 12 degrees. The wool blazer and flannel shirt provided plenty of warmth while allowing for breathability as I walked and started to get warm from the activity.  The hat did a great job of keeping the sun out of my eyes although the band inside would stick to my forehead when I took it off from time to time. 

I’ve had trouble finding a brown pair of dress boots at the thrift shops that will fit and are good candidates to be re-soled so the black combat boots got to go out again. The leather is always stiff when I go to put them on but as they warm up and I’ve walked a few meters they become supple and incredibly comfortable.

The shotgun that I decided to take out for the hunt was very nice German side by side 12 gauge. It was made in the city of Suhl in Thuringia Germany based on the markings on the bottom of the receiver. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to narrow down the exact maker. But despite not being able to identify the maker the guns made in Suhl have an amazing reputation for quality build, high grade steel and reliability. It’s definitely a nice counterpoint to the 20 gauge I took out last weekend as I think it’s a more subdued style of bespoke. For those wondering what it cost me I actually took this gun on partial trade for a rifle that I had decided to sell. But a shotgun of this make, condition and vintage I figure the purchase value is approximately $500. This would be comparable to others I’ve seen online recently.

This gun has 28 inch barrels with full and modified chokes and shell extractors only. There are double triggers and a tang mounted safety. The hardwood stock has a half pistol grip and a narrow tapering forearm both with nicely figured checkering. The gun shoulders and points nicely unfortunately it has a very unpleasant recoil. I wish I could tell you that I got to fire it at some birds but the winds and my luck for finding game birds didn’t improve since last weekend. I was forced to throw a few dirt clumps in the air as substitute targets. Now I’ve owned and shot several over unders and side by sides but this one seemed very sharp and abrupt. It didn’t hurt my shoulder or cheek and I hit both dirt clumps that I threw in the air but the sensation was off putting and I probably won’t hunt with it again but man it looks nice.

The best part of the afternoon was definitely when I stopped in at a yard to get the land owners permission to hunt a creek that ran across his property. As it turned out I was a mile further north than I thought and it was some random house whose owners had recently moved in and didn’t own any property. The young man and women that came out to meet me were about my age and after I explained who I was and what I wanted and they told me they couldn’t help. As I thanked them and went to get back in the car the man stopped me and asked me if I was actually going hunting. When I replied that I was, he shook his head and said, “Holy f*ck man, you look awesome!” I laughed and thanked him for the compliment then went off in search of the right farm. It was really encouraging.

Next weekend I think I’ll try and get out for a field goose hunt and take some time to hit the thrift shops for a good pair of brown boots. I’ve been starting to think about what I’m going to wear for a broke bespoke deer hunt so if you have any suggestions or ideas I’d love to hear them.

Until next time,

All the best.


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